Speaking & Listening In The Age of Sound Bites

The growing number of outlandish conspiracy theories and factual inaccuracies (aka fake news) prompted me to list some responses that I present for consideration and further discussion. I propose a multi-tier level of responses ranging from conciliatory to debatable to “oh hell no, that’s crazy talk”. Conciliatory and empathetic: “You sound like you have aContinue reading “Speaking & Listening In The Age of Sound Bites”

Take the pledge to combat idiocy

Some responses when confronted with the absurd, the racist, the hateful or simply the woefully wrong information or misplaced emotional responses We all have experienced some combination of all of the above described situations. We all have thought of clever, reasonable, thoughtful and even humorous responses after the fact and wished we responded that wayContinue reading “Take the pledge to combat idiocy”