Changing Rooms

There are rooms where the POTENTIAL exists for permanent change for the better What follows is just a sample of such rooms The holding cell within the loss prevention office of a department store. Here sits the handcuffed shoplifting suspect. They come in all sorts of backgrounds. Some are: Angry and beligerent Tearful and remorsefulContinue reading “Changing Rooms”

Manifesto of Big Ideas: Mental Health

Treatment & Therapy Replace Stigma & Stereotype The perception & dynamic needs to change. If you get a physical illness (diabetes, cancer, etc.) you receive empathy. Get a mental illness diagnosis or experience emotional distress/depression, you get ostracized and stigmatized.  Cost for treatment and therapy should be covered just as it is for physical ailments.Continue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas: Mental Health”

Manifesto of Big Ideas

Reflections and Recommendations based upon a life of work and experiences Topic: Infrastructure & Transportation Efficiency, ecology and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) replace congestion and waste while stimulating long-term, sustained growth Infrastructure and transportation (roads, bridges, rails, airports, rivers and deep water ports) have always been the catalyst for development. Additionally, natural resources are theContinue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas”