Manifesto of Big Ideas

American Options There was a time when: You worked hard You were loyal to your employer Your employer was loyal to you You had good medical health insurance You had a decent pension You didn’t have to change health insurance plans annually You didn’t have to keep worrying if your investment portfolio was the rightContinue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas”

Why I get mistaken for a Trump supporter?

My profile is…. Angry….Old….Bald….White Working class….Blue Collar Worked 2 to 3 jobs concurrently for the last 30 years trying to make ends meet Have not gone on a vacation (or even had a weekend off) during the last 30 years I’m a few paychecks away from bankruptcy. I’ve experienced foreclosure and bankruptcy in the pastContinue reading “Why I get mistaken for a Trump supporter?”

Revise the American Dream

Time was……Better school…..Better Job….Bigger House Now…Work 24/7 just to stay above the financial waterline Must be a better way, a different angle. What if……Enough people got together to purchase a property outright and collectively. Imagine what life would be without a mortgage? What if….There were no car payments, no car loans? Instead get around byContinue reading “Revise the American Dream”