Manifesto of Big Ideas

Reflections and Recommendations based upon a life of work and experiences Topic: Infrastructure & Transportation Efficiency, ecology and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) replace congestion and waste while stimulating long-term, sustained growth Infrastructure and transportation (roads, bridges, rails, airports, rivers and deep water ports) have always been the catalyst for development. Additionally, natural resources are theContinue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas”

Manifesto of Big Ideas: Distressed & Depressed Cities

Self-determination and survivalism replace desolation & despair Why should the rich & privileged be the only ones to be protected by gated communities and armed guards? If the law-abiding, hard working residents of crime ridden urban areas were allowed to ban together and secure their perimeters, they would gain the sense of self-determination & securityContinue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas: Distressed & Depressed Cities”

Manifesto of Big Ideas

A Reflective Essay Based On A Life Of Experiences Introduction/Overview When I announced that I was writing a manifesto, my kids were concerned. They asked “do we have to alert the authorities?”. The word “manifesto” has a negative connotation but it certainly gets your attention. It reflects the urgency of the Big Ideas proposed inContinue reading “Manifesto of Big Ideas”

Let’s Replace Mall Mayhem Day

First of all, a brief history lesson. Over the last several years, the day after Christmas (December 26th) has become mall mayhem day. Why? Several reasons: Kids home from school. Time on their hands. Maybe they have “cabin fever”, cooped up in houses, especially if the weather is inclement. Kids are flush with cash andContinue reading “Let’s Replace Mall Mayhem Day”

Why I get mistaken for a Trump supporter?

My profile is…. Angry….Old….Bald….White Working class….Blue Collar Worked 2 to 3 jobs concurrently for the last 30 years trying to make ends meet Have not gone on a vacation (or even had a weekend off) during the last 30 years I’m a few paychecks away from bankruptcy. I’ve experienced foreclosure and bankruptcy in the pastContinue reading “Why I get mistaken for a Trump supporter?”

Am I a U.S. Patriot?

Can a liberal, progressive Democrat from CT be a PATRIOT ????? Some people consider this an oxymoron but I say no. Here’s why…. I don’t drive around with a gigantic US flag in an oversized pick-up truck but I show my patriotism because ……. I have worked every weekend for the last 20+ years atContinue reading “Am I a U.S. Patriot?”

Too Many Slogans Too Many Causes

There’re all good and well intentioned.   Save the whale, the polar bear, the bay, the planet. Cure the disease, feed the children, end the poverty, stop the crime. Wear the seatbelt, don’t text and drive, don’t drink & drive. And on and on…. Got me to thinking, when was the last time everybody (andContinue reading “Too Many Slogans Too Many Causes”

Common Ground

The SILLY SEASON is fast approaching. The 2020 campaign for USA president in heating up. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s that special bipolar time of year when the trenches between liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans get dug deep. That special time when everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening. Nobody’s convincing. The commuters areContinue reading “Common Ground”

Revise the American Dream

Time was……Better school…..Better Job….Bigger House Now…Work 24/7 just to stay above the financial waterline Must be a better way, a different angle. What if……Enough people got together to purchase a property outright and collectively. Imagine what life would be without a mortgage? What if….There were no car payments, no car loans? Instead get around byContinue reading “Revise the American Dream”