Give credit where credit is due

When it comes to what Democrats and Progressives do and what they get credit for, there appears to be a disconnect that hurts them at the voting booth.

Got me to thinking there should be a 3 column litmus test to match up the following:

What they accomplish

What they get credit for

Who they need to win over.

The following are presented as examples:

Health care coverage for persons with pre-existing conditions

Every beneficiary should be considered a supporter. Don’t assume they’ll be a supporter. Dem’s need to connect the dots between not having coverage and getting it.

Medicare recipients support Medicare generally giving it high marks and support the concept of Medicare for-all. Many of the Medicare recipients are older, working class persons who tilt toward conservative right wing candidates. Why do they not like the Dems who support the programs that they like and programs that they need?

Crime and Punishment issues/policies

Dems are frequently pegged as soft on crime.

But they support sensible gun regulation such as universal background checks. All polls show that the majority of Americans (of most political stripes or no political stripes) support for this. So why don’t the Dem’s corner the Tough On Crime market?

Sadly, there are so many victims of violence and gun violence in particular, why couldn’t all the extended families become stalwart supporters of sensible gun regulations.

If Dem’s could firmly establish themselves as tough-on-violent crime, they might actually get back those voters for whom crime and safety is a top issue.

Child care tax credit

Dem’s are synonymous with this popular program. The question remains, will all those who benefit make their way to the voting booth.

College Debt Forgiveness

Dem’s have not yet passed this and it’s prospects are doubtful. However, even if college debt got forgiven, based on past history of ingratitude among beneficiaries it’s doubtful that Dem’s will benefit at the voting booth.


For every bridge built and rail line upgraded, make sure it’s the Dem’s that did it. Make sure that all contractors, small businesses and working class/blue collar workers know who brought them the bridge, rail line and whatever is built.

Small Businesses, Contractors, Working Class need to be brought back into the Dem’s tent

For every program show how your employees (and by default your company benefits). Examples: Day care and health care (affordable) means employees are happier and you are not on the hook for providing these benefits.

Democrats and Progressives need to become the Party of Consequences & Personal Responsibility


Make sure every proposal and every program includes consequences for bad behavior and requirements for personal responsibility.


Health insurance…..if you don’t take steps to improve your health, don’t complain about high rates

Crime/Addictions…If you don’t mend your ways (stop committing crime) and don’t get the therapy/rehab that you need to beat your addictions, don’t complain about doing the time.

Child care……At some point you need to stop having children that you can not afford.

Dem’s need to be the party of Tough-Love:

Tough as described above concerning consequences and personal responsibility

Love as described above keeping people healthy, safe, and educated all in an affordable manor.

Published by dunnwriteswell

Boomer who is late bloomer to writing. Healthy addictions include Book TV and exercise. Track all things historic, political, cultural, economic and social. Mixture of tough-love. Minimalist who is fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Realist not afraid to see the glass as half empty. However, still willing to consider outside-the-box, long term solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Old enough to appreciate the greater arc of history while remaining young at heart.

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