Highway To Hell

No speed limits and no guardrails on the Highway To Hell

Build the wall…….Make it tall

Let icebergs fall…..While treaties stall

Burn the coal……That’s the goal

Grab the crotch….Stand by and watch

Who is friend and who is foe?…….Go to Putin, he will know.

Ban the press……Deny the mess

Never wrong…..Always strong

Ban the other……Let free speech smother

Back to work we go……to hell with what we sow

Health or wealth it does not matter…..go ahead and pick the latter

Toward the cliff we surely go……Where it stops we do not know.

Published by dunnwriteswell

Boomer who is late bloomer to writing. Healthy addictions include Book TV and exercise. Track all things historic, political, cultural, economic and social. Mixture of tough-love. Minimalist who is fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Realist not afraid to see the glass as half empty. However, still willing to consider outside-the-box, long term solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Old enough to appreciate the greater arc of history while remaining young at heart.

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