Common Ground

The SILLY SEASON is fast approaching. The 2020 campaign for USA president in heating up. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s that special bipolar time of year when the trenches between liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans get dug deep. That special time when everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening. Nobody’s convincing. The commuters areContinue reading “Common Ground”

Revise the American Dream

Time was……Better school…..Better Job….Bigger House Now…Work 24/7 just to stay above the financial waterline Must be a better way, a different angle. What if……Enough people got together to purchase a property outright and collectively. Imagine what life would be without a mortgage? What if….There were no car payments, no car loans? Instead get around byContinue reading “Revise the American Dream”

It Happened Again…When Will It End?

And they bow their heads down low No one knows which way to go Many die but not near me They contemplate, gesticulate, commiserate. Wringing of their hands, firing of the gun Bagpipes blare their sorrowful mourn Amazing Grace played to the forlorn. Church bells ring again, for whom the bell tolls not yet forContinue reading “It Happened Again…When Will It End?”